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When justifying new fleet maintenance software, most businesses focus on the expected internal benefits the software will deliver. These benefits typically centre around costs savings and better efficiencies. Some example benefits include better visibility on operations, more efficient scheduling of maintenance, simplified purchasing, painless regulatory auditing, and more controllable maintenance budgets. One forgotten external benefit is the ability to win new business through the adoption of fleet maintenance software. In particular, this will benefit companies offering fleet services, such as plant hire, haulage, or logistics. Here are just 4 ways fleet maintenance software can help you win business:


It demonstrates innovation and leadership in a laggard industry

If you were looking to hire a new firm to manage the logistics for your business, who would you partner with?

  1. Vendor 1 uses outdated excel or paper-based maintenance system. They struggle with the mountain of paperwork and disparate systems.
  2. Vendor 2 uses the latest cloud-based fleet maintenance solution to track, manage, plan and schedule the maintenance on their fleet.

Put simply, fleet maintenance software trumps spreadsheets and paper-based systems. Potential clients looking for a competitive edge will partner with like-minded organizations that also implement the latest technologies to create a competitive advantage.


It shows a focus on safety

Employers must provide a safe place to work for its employees. No customer wants to be associated with a vendor that has poor safety standards. With the ongoing focus on safety on our roads, or at construction sites, a serious safety incident could shut the business down. It is widely documented that fleet maintenance software can help improve health and safety. This is because it helps standardise the way of working through checklists, helps improve communication of EH&S issues, and helps complete more planned proactive maintenance. Next time your company bids on new business, highlight how your organization uses fleet maintenance software to improve health and safety.

Fleet Safety Inspection


Reliability is king

It’s not always about the price! Choosing the lowest price may mean sacrificing other aspects such as reliability. Poor reliability will lead to emergency breakdowns, vendor callouts, emergency parts, labour overtime, and regulatory fines. Never mind the impact on your bottom line. Similarly, poor reliability can also have a detrimental impact on your client’s bottom line through missed deliveries, missed targets, soiled product, and disrupted schedules. Fleet maintenance software helps improve asset reliability by helping move from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies. As a result, employing fleet maintenance software demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to meeting reliability targets.


No hiding behind the metrics

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. At Assetminder, some of our customers have presented real-time maintenance and reliability metrics during their quarterly business reviews with their clients. At any time, the account manager can pull key metrics such as asset availability, active assets, major downtime events, and mean time to repair. Demonstrating the ability to pull maintenance metrics quickly shows your organisation cannot hide poor performance. This will bolster the client’s confidence in your offering.

Fleet maintenance Software Reporting

In conclusion, Technology-focused businesses come out on top in industries such as manufacturing, energy, life sciences, and aerospace. And fleet operations should be no different. This article outlined how technology can help your fleet business win your next big contract. Next time your organization bids on new business, outline how your fleet maintenance software helps you better manage the maintenance on your fleet. By using the latest cloud-based fleet maintenance software, your service will score better on safety, reliability, and accountability. Differentiate your offering from the competition and set your company apart from the crowd.