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Assetminder has it’s roots at the core of transport and maintenance workshops, founded in 2000 by John and Derek Murray the company has delivered numerous software solutions to drive efficiencies in any size organization, using our background in the industry for almost 40 years we have produced software as we term it ‘putting the grease and oil in software’ to provide maintenance providers a real down to earth solution when it comes to operating a fleet or maintenance workshop. Johns background goes back to international haulage in the 70’s where he operated a fleet of vehicles across Europe from Ireland while Derek comes from a maintenance background in commercial vehicle repair, vehicle testing and provider of workshop equipment.

Our principles are simple when it comes to software design if it doesn’t work on the floor or for the people at the coalface then its back to the drawing board, second we work to make software flow from the operations side of the business through to the finance not the other way round, lastly it all about the user interface , we strive to make our software the most user friendly modern application available to Fleet owners and maintenance providers in the global market today, we don’t think of ourselves as a technology or software company in the traditional sense, we see ourselves as providing world class solutions to our industry.

2001 saw our first solution to provide a replacement of a paper based system for commercial vehicle testing in Ireland, this opportunity proved successful due to our unique understanding of what was required from a regulatory standing and the users point of view, in some case’s this was the first PC introduced on which in its self provided a deeper understanding of the user interface requirements. 2004 we launched our first version of Fleetminder the predecessor to our current product Assetminder at the CV show in Birmingham, over following years we have grown our product portfolio to include extra modules for vehicle hire, sales and our powerful maintenance planner.

Fast forward to 2017 for the launch of Assetminder a cloud based fleet maintenance & workshop management system, this completely new system was designed from the ground up as a comprehensive solution to meet the requirements of modern day fleet owner/operators & workshop managers. With a very strong emphasis on delivering the modern user interface we can now offer mobile functionality that includes , Driver defect app, defect management and a very comprehensive maintenance planner that provides a view of your schedule by day, week, month and even annually.

Today we continue to add our product by offering a comprehensive solution that includes job management, workshop loading or bay allocation, technician job assignment , electronic inspections with our new inspection supervisory approval process.

We have been designing & developing fleet maintenance & workshop management systems for nearly 20 years , our software is installed in over 200 companies across Ireland & the UK, including Glanbia, the National Ambulance Service of Ireland, Surefreight and STL Logistics.

Since it’s launch, Assetminder has been adopted by a significant number of transport companies including Barna Recycling, AES BordnaMona, Colas, NVD

Our Fleet Management Software puts you in control