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Daily defect checks are an essential part of a fleets preventative maintenance programme as they highlight early signs that a vehicle is developing a fault e.g. warning lights, vibrations or other symptoms. Assetminder closes the loop between Management, the Driver and the maintenance provider to ensure the fleet remains compliant and on the road. This means no more lost inspection sheets and also gives the flexibility of customising the electronic vehicle inspection sheet to suit the requirements of the fleet operator.

Custom Inspections

Driver inspections can be customised to suit vehicle types eg. bus, van, arctic, or to include non-standard items such as a tail lift.

Sync with Maintenance

Defects picked up by the driver’s inspection automatically generate a job card & the repair process is managed through the system to completion.

Live Dashboard

Provides the real time status of your fleet – driver checks received and outstanding, length of time it took to do inspections, number of defects reported.

Stored History

Completed inspections are stored on the drivers phone as well as on the live dashboard, and are automatically added to the vehicle’s history file.

Defect Management

Every defect is recorded on the Defect Manager and are graded according to severity, which determines the action required. The information is shared centrally & accessible by relevant managers.

Image capture

Photos of the defect can be taken via the app & recorded with the defect report.

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