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A complete solution for your mobile technicians



When one of your most important resources – your fleet – is on the road, you need a solution that’s equally mobile. So, for remote workers use our all new Assetminder mobile app. Our  mobile app solution integrates seamlessly, in real-time with Assetminder’s main system giving mobile technician’s access to all the information they need when working remotely.

The Mobile Technician Solutions module gives workers the capability to:

  • Create and amend job cards
  • Log hours worked
  • Manage job assignment
  • Input details of inventory used/required
  • Allocate inventory to user/locations
  • Create inspections
  • Update job card status
  • Record duty clocking’s
  • Add and edit job card instructions
  • Includes job card sign off
  • Works on and off-line
  • Update defects
  • Record time and Attendance
  • Update planned events
  • Record images
  • Signature capture
  • Available for Android and IOS
  • Send and receive messages
  • Incorporates NFC technology