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Business Intelligence Tools

Assetminder’s Business Intelligence engine is a flexible, business intelligence and data visualisation tool that includes integrated dashboards, reporting tools and data analytics, all in one platform. You can create interactive, customisable dashboards, build your own reports, run ad-hoc queries and analyse and drill-down into your data and performance metrics.

When limited resources face unlimited requests and requirements, the need to identify, prioritise and justify actions based on business intelligence tools is finding a new dynamic. BI dashboards are the gateways to the information in your fleet maintenance database, allowing you to dive beneath the surface to understand what is happening. Think of the dashboard in your vehicle: Each gauge or display is essentially a key performance indicator (KPI), so you are already used to the concept of glancing to see what is happening and adjusting accordingly when needed.

Assetminder’s business intelligence dashboard gives fleet owners and operators the ability to dynamically analyse the productivity and efficiency of their fleet, depots, staff and suppliers, with easy to use and understand graphical reports.

The analytics reveal big-picture trends, with the ability to instantly drill down to understand the causes of higher-than-expected costs, with costs analysed over time, per mile or hour. Productivity can be also analysed by fitter and by task, with comparisons across dimensions such as locations and time-frame. Many other reports such as defect count by severity, work in progress, and asset repair costs etc. can also be generated. The reporting tool gives fleet managers the ability to interactively slice, dice and graph data by manipulating variables such as sub-type (eg. clutch, brakes, tyres, etc.), make, range, model, asset type and reason (such as accident, unscheduled and scheduled maintenance). 

The business intelligence tool helps fleet owners and operators organise and analyse data to make better decisions on such items as asset replacement. The ability to sift through data and come to meaningful conclusions is one of the most powerful business benefits of adopting a business intelligence tool.

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