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What should a good workshop management system do for a fleet owner?

In fleet maintenance, planning is everything. Traditionally, fleet maintenance has been planned using wall planners & notebooks, with all the inefficiencies that they incur. A good workshop management system maximises asset productivity, and makes sure your vehicles spend more time on the road and less time in the workshop. With such a system you can

  • Automatically schedule maintenance by date or mileage, in line with best practice and business needs
  • Update and view fleet status in real time, including what vehicles are due for servicing, repair or inspection
  • Take control of costs
  • Automate inspections, sending logs directly to the vehicle history file
  • Instantly log defects and schedule repairs

When servicing and maintenance is carried out efficiently and to the highest possible standards, you can keep more of your fleet on the road and reduce breakdowns. A good workshop management system means you can set up a direct connection with external vendors to control work orders and keep track of costs.

At the heart of any successful business model is tight financial management, so integration with your accounting package is a must. Not only does this eliminate duplication, but it also ensures accuracy and data integrity.

Amongst the many benefits of implementing a workshop management system are:-

  • Full visibility when it comes to cost of repairs and service for improved budgeting
  • Improved service scheduling means fewer part failures and lower vehicle depreciation
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities for informed decision making
  • Optimise workshop efficiency

Regulatory changes can mean that many businesses can run into safety and compliance issues, leading to serious legal and safety breaches and costly penalties. A good workshop management system helps eliminate these problems and can dramatically improve the pass rate on your fleet when it comes to inspections.
Assetminder not only makes fleet maintenance simpler and more efficient, but will result in higher productivity, lower costs, and less administration & paperwork across your entire operation.