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Dan Ryan Truck Rental Limited

Implementation of Assetminder Fleet Maintenance and Workshop Management System

Dan Ryan Truck Rental Limited (“DRTR”) operate a contract rental and spot hire business in Dublin, Ireland. The fleet comprises of circa 950 vehicles, between vans and trucks. Their customers are primarily state bodies and FMCG operations.

Although their revenue is derived from the rental and hire of vehicles, the maintenance of those vehicles is the most costly and challenging aspect of the business. They operate 4 Vehicle Maintenance Units (“VMUS”) and employ 34 technicians to manage the maintenance of their fleet.

Prior to the implementation of AssetMinder (“AM”) in 2017, the management of the maintenance side of the operation was through the use of a legacy workshop system and paper and excel. 

In 2017 DRTR made the decision to implement a modern solution that could solve the problems associated with their current processes:

  • disjointed paper-based systems that required a lot of admin hours to manage 
  • no live access to fleet availability/VOR data
  • no mobile interface for the drivers/technicians
  • no access to live and accurate vehicle maintenance costs
  • no visibility over labour efficiency in the workshop
  • no proper stock control and allocation of parts to the correct job card/vehicle

After reviewing a number of systems, DRTR choose implement AM across their 4 VMU locations.

Key Business Area Outcomes


AM enabled DRTR to economically comply with all road-worthiness legislation. Maintenance planning, driver inspections, maintenance inspections and defect rectification are now all performed using the AM web and mobile applications, thereby removing the need for paper and excel.

The AM Maintenance Planner displays all planned events that are due for each vehicle ensuring that all PMI’s and other events are carried out within the correct schedule and that full compliance is maintained. Regulatory audits from the Road Safety Authority in Ireland, the RSA, are now a much simpler process, without having to refer to paper-based inspections and job cards.

AM’s Vehicle Health Check is shown to the user each time a job card for that asset is accessed. Therefore the technician always knows if there are any planned events/defects that need to be actioned and these can be done whilst the vehicle is in the workshop, rather than having to call the vehicle back in at another time.

Labour Efficiency

As the availability of technicians has now become a major limiting factor, the need for more efficient output from the workshop has become significantly more important. Prior to using AM, DRTR were using paper job cards. They had no live visibility over what the technicians were doing on a daily basis. Now with AM, a job card is assigned to the technician with all the instructions that need to be carried out. The technician clocks on to the job on the mobile app and adds any parts to that are required.  Once the job is complete the technician clocks off the job card and it is ready for the supervisor to review and close.

By viewing the Workshop Planner, the workshop supervisors have a clear picture of what is happening on the workshop floor at all times; what jobs the technicians are working on and how long those jobs are taking.  

Labour costs have also been reduced by 4% as overtime has been reduced due to increased labour efficiency across all 4 VMU’s.

Fleet Availability

AM has helped DRTR improve the vehicle turnaround time for when a vehicle has been called in for a PMI or repair. Use of the “Vehicle Health Check” ensures that tasks can be bundled together rather than unnecessarily taking vehicles back in to the workshop.

Fleet availability is a very important metric for DRTR and AM has increased overall fleet availability by 8%. DRTR can track this metric now in real time and also predict future fleet availability using AM’s maintenance planner.