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Workshop maintenance management

Giving you total control over every aspect of your operations.

Minimise stock losses, eliminate billing errors and optimise how labour is allocated. Assetminder offers you instant access to information and live cost analysis at the click of a button.

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Features Overview

With decades of first hand experience the people at Assetminder know what it takes to operate a modern commercial vehicle workshop, the importance of ensuring efficient billing by managing spare parts and labour are at the heart of what we do. Our solution can instantly transform your workshop efficiencies, profits and compliance.



Simply add labour to a job card manually or use our app to clock all of your technicians’ time.

Time is wasted every day on tasks that could be streamlined using our job cards. Just think of what you could get done with those extra hours freed up - no more manually compiling reports, looking through equipment repair history and less overtime.

By improving labour productivity, you’ll save time and ultimately, money.

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To calculate some estimated savings let's assume the following: a 40-hour work week (2,000 hours per year per technician), and 10% savings (over 200 hours) on labour time due to improved scheduling.

Time is saved by reducing the time spent entering and retrieving information, equipment history, and prior work. Administrative time is reduced by 5% due to improved workflow, less time managing paperwork, and reduced time managing monthly reports.

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Assetminder software compliance screens


An easy-to-use app to ensure you’re fully compliant.

Customisable, DVSA/ RSA compliant, electronic inspection software which runs on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Easily add photos and text and integrate with third-party workshop systems.

  • Defect management
  • Live dashboard
  • Sync with maintenance


Manage your vehicle maintenance cycles, workshop bay allocation and technician assignment.

Our planner incorporates a daily labour loading utility for the workshop and provides a graphical planner / scheduler with unlimited standard time-based tasks.

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Assetminder software screens
Assetminder software screens


The tracking of parts is always a hot issue in fleet and workshop operations.

From managing proper stock levels and reordering to purchase orders, the parts process and be cumbersome to manage without the proper software system in place.

When done properly, efficiently managing parts can be a huge opportunity to save money. Our management system will make everything relating to the managing of parts much easier. Below are just a few ways you can save.


When you manage parts digitally, you save money.

Here are a few ways you'll be able to achieve savings through better parts inventory management

Capture warranty costs

A fleet management system will make claiming warranties (even small ones)an achievable goal. Assetminder provides a notification to the user when parts that are about to be used on a job card are still under warranty. This gives the user the opportunity to go through the proper warranty claim procedures. Manually maintaining warranty records on each and every part is difficult and time consuming, Assetminder makes warranty management easily accessible.

Inventory reduction

Without proper tracking methods, it's easy to over order unnecessary parts in  an attempt to make sure there is always one on the shelf for use when needed. With the help of Assetminder, you can streamline this process and only order when the time is right. In a conservative estimate, fleet management software should help an organisation reduce spare or obsolete parts purchases by at least 10% after implementation vs. manual methods.

Core part returns

Core part returns are another commonly overlooked area to save money. Many workshops and fleets are good about core part returns for more expensive parts such alternators, but smaller items can be ignored or discarded. Assetminder makes tracking all of the core part items quick and easy, while having the records to see if core part returns are actually being done by tracking the return to a credit note or alternative resolution.


Our portal allows your customers access to important information and documents about their fleet.

Provide secure online access for fleet customers to their complete vehicle history via a web browser. Customers can also access their maintenance and inspection schedule via the portal.

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Stay connected with your mobile workforce for seamless job management.

Complete remote access to the workshop module from a laptop or tablet. Fitters create job cards on location which update the main Assetminder system when back in coverage.


Recent Innovations

Technical library

Wheel torque process (WTE)

Build your own library of content based on criteria such make/ model/ year, build your own technical data such service advisories, manufacturers recommendations, DVSA manuals or technical drawings.


Technical campaigns

Create custom campaigns

The ability to create a series of campaigns such as common faults, manufacturing recalls, and software updates.

Assetminder software screens

Paul Kavanagh , Owner/Director of JJ Kavanagh & Sons

“We work from a ground up approach, understanding what's required from workshop floor but at the same time satisfying the finance and operations needs are all part of the package”

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