Easy onboarding, step by step.

Once you get to know our system you won’t look back. Our team of tech experts are on hand to make sure you’re comfortable and confident using our app, ready to take your business forward.


Once your ready to jump on board with Assetminder the next most important part of the journey is getting everything configured to suit your business requirements. Whether your making the transition from an existing system or going from paper and excel let us take control with expert guidance at every step of the way.

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Working with you to build a custom system that answers your specific needs. Get ready for a lifetime of trouble-free workshop management software.

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Everything you need for peace of mind.

We have a wealth of knowledge including industry tools to provide a seamless onboarding process when it comes to system configuration, training or just plain old advice.

One-to-one care with an assigned expert.

From the outset you will be provided with a one-to-one customer success representative armed the very best-in-industry leading onboarding software that greatly assists with managing the entire process, this includes allocation of tasks with key milestones.

The process begins at ground zero with an in depth consultation to understand your requirements, where we provide advice and alternatives to the “way it’s been always done” narrative. This is your opportunity for real change.

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A trial system to make sure you have what you need.

After the initial consultation you will be provided with a trial system so you can start to see how the different elements come together. For example, when seeing the software in action, you might understand the importance of naming conventions when it comes to asset types, repair codes, and job types.

You have access 24/7 to play around with access to your very own sandpit environment not just prior to going live but forever, this really helps with having a non-live environment for you test new functionality prior to changing anything in your live environment for years after your initial go-live.

our process

You can be confident in a seamless transition.

Preparation and Planning

Before starting the onboarding process, it's important to identify key stakeholders and define roles and responsibilities. This includes determining who will be responsible for the software implementation and who will be responsible for data migration, training, and ongoing support. It's also important to set a timeline for the onboarding process and establish goals and milestones.

Data Migration

The first step in the onboarding process is to migrate data from any existing software systems or spreadsheets. This includes vehicle and equipment information, stock, and any other relevant data. We provide you with guidance on how to prepare data for migration and any necessary templates.

System Configuration

Once data has been migrated, we work with you to configure the system to meet your specific needs. This includes setting up user accounts and permissions, customising maintenance schedules and workflows, and configuring any integrations with other systems.


Once the system has been configured, it's important to train users on how to use Assetminder effectively. This includes both administrative users who will be responsible for managing the system and end-users who will be logging maintenance tasks and inspections. Training covers the basics of the system as well as any advanced features that are relevant to the client's specific needs.

Testing and Go-Live

Before going live with the system, it's important to thoroughly test it to ensure that it's working as expected. This includes testing workflows, integrations, and any customisations that have been made. Once testing is complete, the system can be launched to all users.

Ongoing Support

After Assetminder has been launched, ongoing support is critical to ensure that users are able to use the software effectively and that any issues are addressed in a timely manner. This includes providing a help desk or support centre for users to report issues or ask questions, as well as regularly scheduled check-ins to ensure that the system is meeting your needs and to provide ongoing training as needed.


Asset Management

This is one of the most important parts of the process that requires our full attention as you embark on this exciting journey, during this period you are introduced to our support team and ticketing system to assist with any questions. Getting started often comes with common queries that can be easily sorted with a call, visit to our knowledge centre or raising a ticket. We’re here to help.

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