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Get more visibility and plan accurately with far fewer errors.

Significantly reduce maintenance costs and make better purchasing decisions.

  • Fleet preventative maintenance planning
  • Transport planning
  • Resource planning
  • Manage workshop planning and loading
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Track parts at all stages of their lifecycle. Reduce waste and manage returns.

From managing proper stock levels and re-ordering, to purchase orders, the whole process can be cumbersome to manage without some type of software system in place.

If done properly, the efficient management of parts can be a huge opportunity to save money. Assetminder management system will make everything related to managing parts much easier.

Assetminder software screens


When you manage parts digitally, you save money.

Here are a few ways you'll be able to achieve savings through better parts inventory management

Capture warranty costs

A fleet management system will make claiming warranties (even small ones)  an achievable goal. Assetminder provides a notification to the user when parts that are about to be used on a job card are still under warranty. This gives the user the opportunity to go through the proper warranty claims procedures. Maintaining warranty records on each and every part would be very difficult and time consuming without Assetminder, which makes warranty management a way to get a quick and worthwhile return on investment from our software.

Inventory reduction

Without proper tracking methods, it's easy to over-order unnecessary parts in  an attempt to make sure there is always one on the shelf for use when it's needed. But with the help of Assetminder you can streamline this process and only order when the time is right. In a conservative estimate, fleet management software should help an organization reduce spare or obsolete parts purchases by at least 10% after implementation vs. manual methods.

Core part returns

Core part returns are another commonly overlooked area to save money. Many workshops and fleets are good about core part returns for more expensive parts such alternators, but smaller items can be ignored or discarded. Assetminder makes tracking all of the core part items quick and easy, while having the records to see if core part returns are actually being done by tracking the return to a credit note or alternative resolution.

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track Labour

Effective use of time means less waste and more value.

Time is wasted every day on tasks that could be streamlined with more efficient scheduling. Just think of what you could get done with those extra hours freed up - no more manually compiling reports, looking through equipment repair history and less overtime.

By improving labour productivity, you’ll save time and ultimately, money.

To calculate some estimated savings let's assume the following: a 40-hour work week (2,000 hours per year per technician), and 10% savings (over 200 hours) on labour time due to improved scheduling.

Time is saved by reducing the time spent entering and retrieving information, equipment history, and prior work. Administrative time is reduced by 5% due to improved workflow, less time managing paperwork, and reduced time managing monthly reports.

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Paperless billing

Are you still printing and emailing your invoices?

Paperless invoicing is a practical and efficient solution for maintenance workshops that want to streamline their invoicing process, save time and costs, improve security, and enhance accuracy.

The practice of generating and sending invoices electronically eliminates the need for paper-based invoices. For maintenance workshops, paperless invoicing has several benefits, including; saving time, reducing costs, improving security, and enhancing accuracy. Assetminder allows maintenance technicians and managers to create, send, and track invoices from their computers or mobile devices, without printing or mailing any physical copies.

Advantages of this process are outlined below.


Paperless invoicing streamlines the invoicing process, allowing maintenance technicians and managers to generate, send, and track invoices with a few clicks. This way, they can save time and focus on other tasks that require their attention.

Cost -effective

By eliminating the need for paper, envelopes, stamps, and mailing services, paperless invoicing reduces the cost of generating and sending invoices. It also reduces the risk of lost or misplaced invoices, which can result in additional expenses.


Paperless invoicing is a more secure way of transmitting invoices than mailing them, as it minimises the risk of interception or theft. Electronic invoices can also be encrypted, password-protected, and backed-up to ensure that they are safe and accessible.


Paperless invoicing reduces the risk of errors that can occur when manually creating invoices, such as typos, miscalculations, or missing information. Electronic invoices can be auto-populated with the relevant data and checked for accuracy before sending.