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Seamless integrations with existing systems to ensure minimal impact to your processes but maximum efficiency and ease.


Using the very latest in API technology we have the power to connect to a wide range of third-party systems.

101 Finance Integration

Assetminder has a published finance API that makes all the finance information available to be taken into an organisation's ERP or accounting system. We currently have an integrated link with Sage and we also connect to SAP and Oracle directly or using middleware like Mulesoft. Assetminder manages all of the operational workflows and the relevant finance information is passed to the accounting system for accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger accounting.

102 National Vehicle Database Integration

With our link to the NVD, vehicles can be added to your Assetminder system with the click of a button. By simply entering the vehicle registration number into Assetminder, all of the important vehicle details information including the VIN number, the make and model, the year of registration, etc. is pulled down from the NVD and saved into the system. By using the NVD integration, it ensures that all of the vehicle information in your Assetminder system is correct and up to date.

103 Telemetry Integration

Assetminder integrates with all of the most popular telemetry systems in Ireland and the UK. By taking in all relevant data into Assetminder from the telemetry system, including odometer values, fault codes and the physical location of the vehicle, it ensures that your system has live vehicle information and that any faults are recorded and assigned for repair.

104 Equipment integration

Assetminder has a vast amount of experience in this field by working with our partner; Workshop.net. We create a seamless link to workshop equipment including roller brake testers. This unique integration between equipment and Assetminder provides the ability to securely capture the likes of brake test results directly to an inspection report reducing the need to reprint and store brake test results. The integration process involves connecting the equipment to a central control system or network, enabling data sharing, and control by a single interface. With this type of integration, workshops can anticipate, identify and resolve issues faster, provide better customer service and generate higher profits.

105 NFC / RFID integration / barcoding

To make life easier, Assetminder can offer integration on our mobile app with near field communication (NFC) to assist with quickly and accurately identifying assets or users within the system.

Barcoding spare parts play a huge part in the stock module of Assetminder to assist not only in the allocation of spare parts but also their location, integrated barcode reading can also be incorporated with our mobile app to scan parts directly to the job card.

Our latest and most exciting integration is with RFID technology. Using the correct hardware, you can now have the ability to automate the process of parts allocation, we’re calling this passive parts management, by strategically placing RFID scanners in the store's entry or exit any spare parts that pass through the threshold and directly applying the parts to the correct job card or asset.

106 Transport management integration

Integration to transport management systems is a crucial part of any logistics operation, advance knowledge of maintenance planned events and VOR status through our dedicated API with live data has been the key to operating a successful business. Overall, it helps to reduce costs, improve service quality, increase operational visibility, and enhance customer satisfaction.