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Without a modern, comprehensive fleet maintenance system, you are losing money.

It’s simple, delaying the implementation of software now is far more costly in the longterm than investing and transitioning in the short-term.

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Savings for Fleet Maintenance Managers

20% annual savings with full control of fleet maintenance costs


Reduce administration costs with paperless billing. Better control over third-party contractors could save you thousands with preauthorised billing.


Save time and money by optimising labour scheduling.


Save time with paperless inspections and compliance, keep your fleet’s uptime to a maximum, enjoying less roadside inspections and DVSA/RSA enforced visits to your premises.

Defect management

Save time, defects automatically flagged and scheduled for repair.


Savings for Workshop Managers

Minimise stock losses, eliminate billing errors and optimise how labour is allocated.

Total cost of ownership

Make the correct decisions when it comes to replacing assets by having the data to hand, the savings can be measured in thousands by making the correct choice when it comes holding on to assets longer or selecting the most cost effective make and models.

Barcoding / RFID parts management

Think of the amount of times spare parts removed from the stores and not billed to the job, it happens a lot without the required measures to eliminate stock loss through barcoding and RFID. A conservative figure of 10% of stock loss for this typical process flaw could be costing your business tens of thousands in lost billing or stock loss.

Warranty and core parts

Based on a modest turnover of €1 million / £1 million of spare parts it’s worth making sure core and warranty parts are tracked, by correctly tracking the returns process, you could easily save 2 - 5% on spare parts claims or 25- 50k to the bottom line.

Labour optimisation

A 40-hour work week (2,000 hours/year/technician), and 10% savings on labour time due to improved scheduling and automated collection of hours clocked to jobs could put an extra 40k to the bottom line in one year based on small workshop of four technicians. Reduced time entering and retrieving information, equipment history, prior work, etc. Administrative time is reduced by 5% due to improved workflow, less time managing time sheets and reduced time managing monthly reports.