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Coming in the Summer of 2024 Assetminder will be introducing its all new Technical Library Module

Now you can store all your technical data in one place with an ability to share information through our mobile app

Technical Library coming Summer 2024

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Coming in the Summer of 2024 Assetminder will be introducing its Accident Management Module

Now the ability to record all different accidents types in one place

Accident Management coming Summer 2024

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Driver Pre-Trip Inspection and Defect Reporting App

All the information needed to manage your fleet pre-trip inspections and report in service defects

Assetminder’s driver defect reporting systems can be effectively used to manage driver's walkaround inspections.

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Assetminder can now offer Fleet and Workshops the ability to create a series of Campaigns

Keep your entire workforce up to date with all maintenance campaigns regardless of the severity

Operators should have a robust system in place to make sure rectification work following Campaign notification

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Introducing the First Digital Process for Tracking the Process of Wheel Nut Torquing.

Now you can create Wheel Torque Events based on time or usage

Don't Lose your Nuts!!

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Make sure to come and see us at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2024

At this years show we will be showcasing all new features and modules including Accident Management, Technical Library, Warranty Jobs and In-App Messaging

We will be located on Stand 5E90.

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Manage all External Maintenance and Equipment Suppliers & improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Internal & External Maintenance and Repair Events.

Assetminder’s real-time vendor management capability connects you with the entire service ecosystem

Begin connecting today!

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Investing in an FMMS is an excellent first step towards improving Fleet Performance and Reliability

Take a look at how Assetminder FMMS can transform your Maintenance regime

Get your complete cost of Ownership over all your Assets

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A shared Workshop Loading Planner provides everyone in the Organisation with a clear view of what's going on, fully optimising all your resources

Make the most of your resources...

 Increase efficiency by up to 25% with a total control over your Vehicle Maintenance Units

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Start treating Workshop Times like your Inventory, you're purchasing eight hours a day so you expect the same return. Don’t you??

Is time slipping away…

Effective time management through our Mobile App will significantly reduce lost hours on jobs.

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Begin your Digital Transformation with Assetminder

Paper, who needs it!

Ditch the paper..Improve speed and build consistency for your inspections

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Top tips to Help Manage your Stock and Purchase Ordering Systems

Tracking parts is always a hot topic in fleet and workshop operations.

Not having that all important spare part when it's really needed could you cost more than just lost stock!

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Mobile Management for all your Field Service Engineers

Always stay connected with your mobile workforce

Don’t get stuck in the past with a paper-heavy system. Invest in Assetminder software and see the benefits for yourself.

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Now more than ever it easy to connect with Assetminder

Learn more about how we can connect you with other systems

Streamline and Simplify Communication

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Learn how using Assetminder can help you meet Compliance with ease and remove errors.

Discover how Assetminder can help with your fleet maintenance compliance

Start your digital transformation

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From quotations to billing Assetminder makes Job Management a simple process for Fleet Owners and Workshops alike!

Your Time, Your Money

Comprehensive Job Management made simple

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Get the full potential from Assetminder with Rich Visual Reporting Dashboards

Real time reporting

A comprehensive business intelligence reporting suite that provides a full real-time view over fleet costs and compliance.

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Our Intuitive Sales Ordering Process makes selling Parts simple

Quotations, invoicing and full stock management

Aside from streamlining the sales order management process, Assetminder makes future sales engagements, customer communication and fulfilment much smoother.

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