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Dennis Eagle

World leader in the design and manufacture of refuse collection vehicles

Dennis Eagle (DE), part of the Terberg Environmental Group, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of refuse collection vehicles, with an established reputation for supplying quality products that meet the highest expectations in terms of performance, cost and delivery. 


DE implemented AssetMinder in June2020 to manage their multiple vehicle maintenance workshop locations across theUK.  


One of the reasons for introducingAssetMinder into its workshops was for management to get greater visibility andcontrol over their labour and parts costs. 


Labour Costs


Technician labour costs constitute avery large overhead for DE, so it very important for DE to get as muchproductivity from their labour base as possible. By utilising AssetMinders LiveLabour Dashboard, for the first time DE were able to see what the technicianswere doing at that very moment in time, thereby affording them greaterunderstanding and control over that cost. 


DE uses AssetMinders Workshop LoadingUtility to allocate jobs to technicians and to workshop bays, giving them fullvisibility of how best to maximise resources and to priories jobs. 


As every minute of a techniciansactivates are recorded, this gave DE very useful information to analyse and tobetter understand how the technicians times are being spent and therefore allowthem to plan and schedule their workforce to improve productivity while at thesame time reducing overtime costs. 


Dave Nicholls, operations directorwith Dennis Eagle UK. 


“By analysing the activities for eachtechnician and maintenance unit, we were able to match the best technician foreach job type. We were also able to identify any problem areas and to takecorrective action in the arears of additional training and upskilling. Overallproductivity has increased and overtime costs have decreased” 



Parts Costs 


DE also wanted to achieve greatervisibility and control over their parts usage and stock control. Prior to usingAM, parts were not properly allocated to jobs and to assets. Now with AM, partsare added to the job card and to the asset as they are consumed. Therefore allparts are properly charged out at the correct margin to the customer. 


“Our overall margin on the sale ofparts has increased by 6% and we have eliminated all parts leakages due toparts not being billed out correctly. We now have full control of our stock andmaterials purchasing processes” 


Parts procurement has also become mucha much simpler and less administratively heavy process as parts can bereordered automatically from suppliers as the stock levels reach the minimumquantity. AssetMinder also can hold “Linked Parts”  against a part ifapplicable, so that when a part is being ordered, the user will be promptedwith a list of Linked Parts that are usually ordered/consumed at the same timeas the part in question. This again reduces the effort and time involved in theparts procurement process. 



Compliance & Enhanced CustomerOffering


DE were able to improve and expand theservices that they supplied to their customer base. Their customers have asecure login to their AM enterprise and they can see all of the job cards andinspections that have been performed on their vehicles. This has created agreater connection with the customer and have given the customer confidencethat their vehicles are 100% complaint with all road worthiness legislation andthey can provide copies of their job cards and inspections to the DVSA ifrequired as part of a compliance audit.