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J.J. Kavanagh & Son

Working for the largest privately owned coach company in Ireland

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons, established in1919 is 100% Irish owned and has developed from being one of the first private providers of public transport, into the largest privately owned coach company in Ireland today.

The company currently operates 300 servicesdaily, carrying over 3.5 million passengers in 2023 with continued growth forecast through 2024. The JJ Kavanagh Bus Fleet covered over 7 million road kilometres in 2023.

JJ Kavanagh operate two business units thatuse Assetminder for two completely different functions , primarily to manage their own fleet of coaches in terms of compliance and track costs, the second to manage the sale of parts to other bus & coach operators.

  • A system that could be deployed across multiple locations
  • A system to manage the maintenance lifecycle of all assets,
  • Manage stock and purchase ordering
  • Fast and clear access to fleet data on a daily basis
  • Had to provide data input capability to both drivers and technicians     using mobile devices
  • Ease of use; Drivers and technicians had to be brought on board.



Assetminder was instrumental in reinforcingJJK commitment in meeting the deadlines imposed by the regulatory authorities.The recently introduced Commercial Vehicle Operator Risk Indicator (CVORI),which aims to improve the safety of heavy commercial vehicles on our roads, was a case in point. Assetminder was instrumental in that it provided a system that allowed Driver daily inspections, vehicle maintenance planning, ensuring that 6-week vehicle safety inspections, CVRT’s, and servicing were carried out on time, were costed and recorded. Without Assetminder in place JJK would have had a higher risk rating and therefore been subjected to a higher number of inspections by the RSA. As a consequence of implementing Assetminder, JJK initial rating was an impressive 77% for feet maintenance and 74% for drivers.


Business Intelligence

The analytics reveal big-picture trends with the ability to instantly drill down to the details and understand the causes of higher-than-expected costs, with costs analysed over time, per kilometre or hour. Productivity can be also analysed by trade, staff, and task, with comparisons across dimensions such as location and time-frame. The intuitive cost analysis gives feet managers the ability to interactively slice, dice and graph data by manipulating variables such as sub-type (clutch, tyres,etc.), make, range, model, asset type and reason (such as accident, avoidable damage, and scheduled maintenance).