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QME Mining & Tunnelling

Implementation of Assetminder Plant Maintenance and Workshop Management System

QME Mining Division undertakes contract mining projects in the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe. The mining division employs a large team of operations Managers, underground supervisors, miners, fitters and electricians. QME has carried out large and small scale underground development contracts since 2009.

QME is also a world leader in supplying top-quality remanufactured surface and underground mining equipment to the mining industry worldwide. The component division supplies and rebuilds heavy-duty transmissions, differentials, converters and drivelines for all Mining and Tunnelling equipment. Spare parts are also supplied to support all equipment.

They implemented AssetMinder in 2018 to replace their existing legacy workshop system and paper and excel processes. Today they use AssetMinder to:

  • manage the plant maintenance life cycle
  • carry out preventative and reactive maintenance
  • manage resource planning
  • carry out pre-shift inspections and post shift inspection
  • carry out maintenance inspections
  • carry out health and safety inspections

Life Underground

By its very nature, a mining operation poses a number of challenges to managing the maintenance of plant and equipment. One of the reasons that QME selected AssetMinder was the ability for the AssetMinder mobile app to work offline. This allows the technicians to continue to work as if they were in an area with full connectivity. They can continue to carry out inspections and to add parts to a job card while working underground and then when the mobile device moves to an area where there is connectivity, it synchronises with the web application and updates all of the actions that were performed offline.

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Safety is of paramount importance to an operation like QME. Technicians work with dangerous equipment and materials in challenging conditions. All technicians complete a pre-shift and post-shift health and safety inspection on the mobile app. This ensures that the workplace and the equipment is safe before a shift commences and that it is left safe for the next shift. QME were able to digitise their inspection process using AssetMinder’s inspection configurator. Unlike other systems, the user can configure their own inspections from the front end. This proved particularly useful for QME as they were able to create one master inspection and then clone it and edit it to replace all of the existing paper-based inspections. Any defects that are identified during an inspection can be monitored with the defect manager and then assigned to a job card and technician for rectification.

Big Assets. Big Costs…

The cost of maintaining mining equipment is very significant. Not only are the assets themselves very high value assets, but they are also subject to an enormous amount of wear and tear.

Prior to the implementation of AssetMinder, QME had little or no visibility on the maintenance cost of their plant and equipment. Now with AssetMinder, because labour and parts are added to the maintenance job card as they are consumed, QME have “live” and “accurate” visibility over the maintenance cost of each piece of equipment. As the replacement cost of components is also very significant, a robust preventative maintenance programme is essential to keep the cost of maintenance down. QME uses AssetMinder’s “XB Planner” to programme the preventative maintenance schedule for each of its assets, thereby increasing the life of the asset and its main high value components.

Since introducing AssetMinder, equipment downtime has decreased significantly as unplanned maintenance due to breakdowns etc. has decreased; allowing production output to be maintained at the planned levels.

Labour Efficiency

Like all other maintenance operations, the availability of technicians has become a major limiting factor. Now more than ever it is imperative to have live visibility over what tasks the technicians are spending their time on and how long those tasks are taking. AssetMinder has improved the way that QME manages its 46 technicians. As the technicians clock on and off each job, they use the live labour dashboard to monitor what the technicians are currently doing. Using the AssetMinder BI tool, QME has very rich dashboard reporting on its labour efficiency that it uses to take corrective action and to increase labour efficiency.

Other Key Business Area Outcomes

  • Stock Control: QME uses AssetMinder to ensure that their stock levels are as low as possible without impacting on maintenance jobs.
  • Purchase Order Processing: by presenting the user with all the relevant data at the right time, AssetMinder can help procurement make the right purchasing decision regarding order volumes, stock holding costs, delivery costs and discounts.