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In 2019 we launched our brand new maintenance planner which took resource and workshop planning to the next level. The new maintenance planner is the central tool to schedule maintenance, labour, and workshop resources. The principle goal of the maintenance planner is to maximise the utilisation of workshop tools and labour. It’s all about getting the most out of existing resources to drive more revenue to the company’s bottom line.

Fleet maintenance Software Scheduling

The new maintenance planner is designed to be simple to use whether scheduling resources or booking assets into the repair bays. Maintenance supervisors gain full visibility on resource loading and the workshop schedule so they can make better decisions, faster.


How is the new maintenance planner different?

  • Three available views – event planner view, technician view, and repair bay view
  • Easy to tailor the maintenance planner for your workshop
  • Quick filtering by vehicle, asset, event type, PM type, and more
  • Change the view to see the schedule by day, week, month or year


Labour Maintenance Planning

The goal of any workshop is to ensure each technician, technician or fitter is fully utilised during their shift. The workshop is more efficient and profitable when the resource is fully utilised doing paid work. For instance, the maintenance planner labour view gives the maintenance supervisor visibility on resource loading across the maintenance team. In other words, they now have the 20,000ft view across the group so they can quickly adjust bookings and job card assignments to ensure everyone is fully utilised.


Repair Bay Maintenance Planning

The repair bay view can be customised to accommodate the number of repair bays at your facility. Planners can assign job cards to open slots in the repair bay. Alternatively, bookings can be taken over the phone and dropped directly into the relevant repair bay on the planner. We don’t think we could make it any easier than that!

Maintenance Planner App


The planner was designed and built based on conversations and feedback we’ve received from our customers. Above all, we wanted to build something that solves a business problem but is simple and easy to use.

In conclusion, the new planner takes the stress out of maintenance planning and scheduling, giving you a high-level view of your maintenance operations. Interested in finding out more about the new planner? Check out our new knowledge centre or our training videos for more information on the new planner. Or just pick up the phone and ask!

Want to see the maintenance planner in action?