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Maintenance Planning

No more wall planners!

One planner to manage your vehicle maintenance cycles, but also workshop bay allocation and technician assignment.



Forget paper-based systems, such as wall charts and diaries. The graphical scheduler in the Fleet Preventative Maintenance Planning module replaces these error-prone systems with one that really works.

The Fleet Preventative Maintenance Planning module gives fleet managers the opportunity to plan their maintenance programmes accurately and efficiently with far fewer errors and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.


  • Send automatic reminders to external and internal parties via email
  • Automate maintenance and inspection scheduling based on customised parameters, such as time periods or mileage.
  • ‘Time based’ tasks can be created to simplify regular tasks, such as vehicle inspections.
  • View vehicle status, job card progress and technician availability.

One of the greatest advantages of the module is its ability to generate reports on vehicle/fleet status to assist decision makers with maintenance and transport planning.



  • View vehicle history and upcoming events instantly
  • Colour coding for individual tasks by day, week, month and even annually
  • Fully searchable by any parameter you choose
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Avoid overlapping with traffic planners
  • Save time and money by sharing all upcoming events
  • 100% compliance

‘Operators can use the Fleet Preventative Maintenance Planning module to significantly reduce maintenance costs and make better purchasing decisions.

Workshop loading

(workshop bay allocation and technician assignment)



Assetminder workshop loading  can hugely reduce paperwork and manual errors. 



  • Fully customisable to meet you meet the scale of your operation in terms of both personnel and workshop units
  • Create job cards with just a single click
  • Colour coding for job status lets you know exactly where each job is in the system at any time
  • Automatically send out vehicle maintenance reminders via email
  • Easy to schedule ‘time-based’ tasks such as servicing and inspections
  • Designate searchable parameters, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for – quickly
  • View vehicle records and upcoming tasks with a single click
  • Create your own Vehicle Maintenance Units(VMU) with an ability to customise your bays.


  • Maximise your available space and personal
  • Provides all users with a live view of the working day/week
  • Save valuable time operating between systems
  • Increase efficiency by up to 25% with a total control over your VMU.
  • Make the best use of your most valuable resources
  • Combined job card management gives you total visibility
  • Optimize 100% of your workshop space across all VMU’s

Our Fleet Management Software puts you in control