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Make the step with Assetminder from paper based inspections to conducting your inspections on tablets or smart phones




The Assetminder vehicle inspection software, running on a tablet or a smart phone, is designed for use by professional vehicle inspectors to conduct vehicle inspection reports, DVSA compliant safety inspections, service inspections and driver inspections.

Its user friendly, intuitive interface improves both the speed at which tests are carried out    and the consistency of vehicle inspection results.

  • Inspection sheets easily modified by the customer to suit existing inspections, complete DVSA inspection also available.
  • See previous vehicle inspection software results side by side to compare vehicle deterioration
  • Damage report log included in inspection, add photos and text where necessary
  • Technicians can input their inspection data handsfree using voice commands, saving time & eliminating mistakes.
  • Customise your own defect sheet and print out manual vehicle inspection as required
  • Set up mandatory fields before sign off; if there is no defect, the technician just ticks a box
  • The DVSA compliant vehicle inspection software system will not let a vehicle pass if it has defects
  • Up to 3 photos can be taken of each defect

Deploying electronic vehicle inspections means data is captured in real-time, resulting in greater accuracy and zero duplication, allowing you to make better use of your workshop resource and help increase your bottom line.

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