Job Cards

Sales Order Processing

From quotations to billing Assetminder makes job management a simple process for Fleet owners and workshops alike!

Assetminder easy to use job card processing handles all your requirements regardless of whether your billing internally or externally , we cover to the entire spectrum from stock management, purchase ordering , labour collection, quotations right through to billing providing a very detailed accurate view over the asset costs and job card history .

The Fleet As soon as a job is started and booked in, all costs are tracked through the job card – including time, parts and other costs. As soon as a job is complete and signed off , a pro-forma invoice is automatically generated, and issued once approved. Invoices can be split, where required.

The system is extremely flexible and parts can be invoiced in a number of ways: profit margin bands, blanket mark-ups, fixed price, customer discount and discount codes.

Stock and purchase ordering

Stock control is a challenge for most maintenance operators. Our stock module helps you to address all the core issues you need to manage an effective stock control system. It will minimise stock losses, reduce cash committed to maintaining unnecessary stock and it makes the process of re-ordering parts very simple.


  • Automated reordering of low stock
  • Stock returns process 
  • Stock warranty
  • Multiple suppliers for one part
  • Extensive search and filtering 
  • Purchase ordering direct from the job card, low stock report or straight to the supplier 
  • Emailed reordering process 
  • Stock grouping 
  • Stock taking 
  • Full audit trail for every process 
  • Parts warranty alerts 

Effective technician time management


The choice is yours, simply add labour to a job card manually or use our app to clock all your technicians time live from the workshop floor or on the road , get the most from your technicians time spend on jobs by clocking their time straight to the job card, easy to review getting you the most from every minute spend on job  cards

  • Fixed and variable labour times 
  • Customer specific labour discount matrix
  • An ability to hide or show detailed labour costs for billing 
  • Live dashboard provides you with clear picture of your workshop time optimization 
  • Our new standard operational times allow the user to build their standard times with labour targets 



  • Increased visibility of workshop process’s
  • Eliminate timely duplication 
  • Recover over 95% of your workshop labour
  • Make as much 25% saving by reducing stock loss 
  • Increased margins on sales and job invoices 
  • Accurate view over vehicle life cycle costs 
  • Increase cash flow from cash tied up in work in progress
  • Get a live view of sales and margins 

Our Fleet Management Software puts you in control