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2000 – Fleetminder Launched Internally

First launched in 2000 for the internal business, our original workshop management system, Fleetminder, was designed and developed by our in-house team of mechanics and programmers. 15 years of development and enhancement followed, much of it inspired by customer feedback and ideas, and Fleetminder was adopted by over 200 fleets and workshops throughout the UK and Ireland.

2004 – Fleetminder Commercial Launch

2004 we launched our first commercial version of Fleetminder the predecessor at the Commercial Vehicle show in Birmingham. In the following years, Fleetminder was expanded to include extra modules for vehicle hire, sales, reporting, and maintenance planning.

2016 – Assetminder Launched

In 2016 the next phase of our evolution followed with the launch of a completely new cloud-based platform. We called it Assetminder. Assetminder combines the 15 years of experience and customer feedback that went into Fleetminder, with modern day technology, including both cloud and mobile, to offer a comprehensive, user friendly solution to fleet and workshop owners.

2017 – Fleet Transport Awards

Assetminder, our new fleet maintenance & workshop management software, wins the prestigious Innovation Award at the Fleet Transport Awards 2017.

2019 – Maintenance Planner

The new maintenance planner is the central tool to schedule maintenance, labour, and workshop resources. The principle goal of the maintenance planner is to maximise the utilisation of workshop tools and labour. It’s all about getting the most out of existing resources to drive more revenue to the company’s bottom line.

2020 – New Knowledge Centre

Business runs 24/7 so it’s important to have access to the information needed quickly. The new knowledge centre has over 100 procedures outlining how to configure and operate Assetminder CMMS. You can now access the information you need, whenever you need it. We wanted to keep it simple so most procedures and articles are a quick one minute read.


Today, Assetminder is a comprehensive solution that includes job management, workshop loading or bay allocation, technician job assignment, electronic inspections, and maintenance planning. We have been designing & developing fleet maintenance & workshop management systems for nearly 20 years, our software is installed in over 200 companies across Ireland & the UK, including Glanbia, the National Ambulance Service of

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