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Assetminder software screens

Wheel torque process (WTE)

Introducing the first digital process for tracking the process of wheel nut torquing.

Torquing wheel nuts and bolts correctly is a vital part of making sure your tyre and wheel assembly rides smoothly, wears evenly and performs as expected but more importantly increases safety. We have the solution that is paperless and easy to configure while providing complete audit trail of the entire process - who, when and where.

  • Create your own wheel torque events based on time or usage
  • Track and create alerts when a wheel or wheels are removed

Technical campaigns

Create campaigns

Assetminder can now offer fleet and workshops the ability to create a series of campaigns such as common faults, manufacture recalls, software updates with a broad range of configurability that will work for any maintenance operation.

  • Create as many campaigns as you want
  • A broad range of configurability based on make, model, year and range
  • Add reference documents
  • Track campaign progress against individual assets
Assetminder software screens