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Barna Recycling Project

Barna Recycling offers a range of domestic and commercial waste collection, recycling, compost, and environmental services to over 60,000 customers throughout the west of Ireland.

It employs over 320 people in four different facilities and has a feet of over 130 vehicles which are maintained in its own workshop. Robert Whoriskey is the Transport Manager.

The planning and management of the maintenance operation was a largely paper-based system, the overall management of which posed several challenges:

  • No single unifed system
  • Changes in personnel
  • Data stored in different locations and difficult to access
  • Lack of visibility of maintenance costs



One of the main drivers of the change to a new system was compliance. Several regulatory authorities including the RSA, the HSA and the Dept. of the Environment, now require data from transport operators to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations. Barna were determined that nothing less than full compliance was acceptable.

When Barna decided to go to the market in search of a solution, the criteria they looked for were:

  • A system that could be deployed across multiple locations
  • A system to manage the maintenance lifecycle of all assets, Civil Plant, Static
  • Production Equipment and Ancillary Equipment, not just transport
  • Fast and clear access to feet data on a daily basis
  • Had to provide data input capability to both drivers and ftters.
  • Ease of use; Drivers and mechanics had to be brought on board.


One of the expected challenges of implementing the new system was getting user acceptance, particularly from drivers and ftters, most of whom would have had limited exposure to technology. Fortunately, according to Robert, “the fact that Assetminder is very intuitive in design and layout meant that it was easy to learn how to use the different elements, particularly the mobile inspection and jobcard apps.”


Each driver was equipped with a smartphone with the Assetminder inspection app installed. Every morning before taking the vehicle out on the road, the driver must by law, carry out a walkaround inspection of the vehicle. If a defect is found, the driver is obliged to record it and grade the level of severity of the defect. The inspection data is immediately transmitted to the feet managers’ Assetminder dashboard in the office where it is analysed, and if action is required to remedy the defect, it can be recorded on the Assetminder maintenance planner, and scheduled for the workshop.

When the vehicle visits the workshop, an electronic jobcard will have been generated by Assetminder, with a list of the work to be carried out on the vehicle. The ftter views this via the Assetminder app on his tablet PC. He logs in to the job via the app and his time is thus recorded. A record of the work carried out is also stored on the app and when the job is complete, it automatically updates the main system so that an invoice can be generated, and the jobcard is closed. The vehicle history is automatically updated as soon as the jobcard is closed.

The ftters Assetminder app also allows him to carry out detailed regulatory inspections on the vehicle, which also updates the vehicle history fle. Vehicle history is an important record of all of the maintenance work that has been carried out on the vehicle, and is a regulatory requirement which is enforced by RSA, including at their roadside inspections.

As data is constantly being input into the system by all of the various players in the operation and maintenance of the vehicles, the Assetminder database quickly builds up a wealth of data about the companies’ assets. Making sense of this data is key to the successful operation of the feet. Assetminder’s business intelligence tool facilitates the interrogation of the data and produces reports designed to analyse and interpret that data.



The analytics reveal big-picture trends with the ability to instantly drill down to the details and understand the causes of higher-than-expected costs, with costs analysed over time, per kilometre or hour. Productivity can be also analysed by trade, staff, and task, with comparisons across dimensions such as location and time-frame. The intuitive cost analysis gives feet managers the ability to interactively slice, dice and graph data by manipulating variables such as sub-type (clutch, tyres, etc.), make, range, model, asset type and reason (such as accident, avoidable damage, and scheduled maintenance).



Assetminder was instrumental in helping Barna meet the deadlines imposed by the regulatory authorities. The recently introduced Commercial Vehicle Operator Risk Indicator (CVORI), which aims to improve the safety of heavy commercial vehicles on our roads, was a case in point. Assetminder was instrumental in that it provided a system that allowed vehicle maintenance planning, ensuring that 12-week vehicle safety inspections, CVRT’s, and servicing were carried out on time, were costed and recorded. Without a system like Assetminder in place, Barna would have had a higher risk rating and therefore been subjected to a higher number of inspections by the RSA. As a consequence of implementing Assetminder, Barna’s initial rating was an impressive 75% for feet maintenance and 73% for drivers.


The system has delivered some signifcant gains to the workshop. Fitters now complete inspections and jobcards on tablets and PC’s located in each of their fve workshops, with the completed inspection sheets and jobcards uploaded directly to Assetminder.

The results are impressive: “Assetminder helped maximise the beneft of our three-shift system in our main workshop allowing ftters to check progress on work started on the previous shift. Productivity increased and mechanics tool-time increased. The mechanics are very enthusiastic about the product. We have increased workshop productivity by over 33 hours a month and have saved around 500 sheets of paper a month too.”

“We now have the ability to monitor how quickly our workshop is processing job-cards and identify potential problem areas in advance. The system is not only saving time but is also improving the accuracy and completeness of reporting, boosting efficiency, and simplifying fleet management.”


With the ability to analyse costs that Assetminder provides, Barna has been able to make signifcant savings on expenditure with suppliers and service providers by comparing costs etc. It has been able to dramatically streamline its administrative processes. The system creates an entirely paperless solution to manage workshop administration, getting rid of the need for paper copies of service records. Barna is currently saving over 40 hours a month in administration alone.